Who Is Robert Dorris

I'm a life-long resident of Harris County, minus the years I was away at college. 

I'm the oldest of seven and grew up in the Spring / Tomball area, and eventually moved to a 15-acre piece of land. As kids, we were always outside, running around, enjoying childhood, getting in the usual sibling squabbles. Involved in sports since I was 6, we lived in a constant rotation of swim team, baseball, football and track. I loved sports so much that I even wound up coaching kids' football right after my high school practice wrapped up for the day. And after that, I was the head coach for two years after graduating college.

My father is an electrical contractor, so I was always with him on job sites. I learned early what hard physical labor really is, and I'm forever grateful. I've always loved construction, and it drove my desire to go into architecture.

We had a pretty good life; my parents ensured we didn't have to do without. But things changed, and life wasn't always easy. We hit some very, very hard times, living in an unfinished house for several years.

When it was time to go to college, I wanted to get as far away from home as possible but still stay in the state. I was looking for an architecture program, and I chose Texas Tech. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I graduated with degrees in architecture and business, but I found myself missing home and family. So I returned to Houston to start making a life for myself.

I worked, got married, traveled, started a family, bought a house, and kept advancing in my career. So far, life's been good, even with the unexpected and sometimes seemingly insurmountable hurdles it's thrown my way.

And now I spend my time like so many of you, going back and forth to Galveston, working on home projects, and catching as many Astros games as possible.