600 homicides and counting.

24,000+ violent crimes.

A revolving door for criminals in our courts.

We all see it, we all feel it, and we're all tired of it. And the only way to change it is to start fighting back. 

Lina Hidalgo stole $20M from our constables. And as Democrat judges continue to release criminals back into our neighborhoods, she blames the bail bond companies, and not their own failed policies.

As your Harris County Judge, I will

  • Expand and fully fund our law enforcement
  • Work directly with our law enforcement and enact their recommendations
  • Hold judges accountable for their actions with a page dedicated to show who they've released on bond and what the criminal charge was
  • Create an interactive map displaying where crimes are occurring with detailed information
  • Change how the Harris County Jail is being run
  • Find ways to effectively increase surveillance