Robert Dorris For Harris County Judge

I am the right candidate to take on and defeat Lina Hidalgo. Here's why.

I've been here all my life and I've experienced the best and worst. From the early fights about the Grand Parkway expansion and Tropical Storm Allison, to the growth of Cypress and the completion of 249. I can actually say I remember when roads were 2 lanes and only had one stoplight, and everything else was cow pasture!

Since I was eight years old, I worked in construction with my father, wiring many of the grocery stores and hotels you now visit. Working over a decade with him taught me so much about the industry and business as a whole, but more importantly, how to work, talk, and interact with anybody and everybody. 

For the past decade, I've been in a unique position to put those experiences and skills to use as a marketing manager within construction. I built a program from the ground-up, and made it the blueprint for our company globally. With that came the responsibility of managing multi million-dollar budgets, and the opportunity to travel globally and lead amazing people. 

Aside from my work experience, what else makes me the best choice? 

Because I know what it's like to have it all and then next to nothing. I'm the oldest of seven, growing up on 15 acres of land in Spring. We went from an upper middle class life, to dirt poor, living in an unfinished house with just enough to eat. I was laid off during the great recession, finding work where I could. And our home flooded during Harvey. We had to tear out our floors and walls and wait 3 months until we could renovate, doing much of the work ourselves. So, I know firsthand the struggles so many of you have endured. 

Why am I running? 

For the same reasons so many of you family. My son is the most important thing in the world to me, and things are not improving under our current "leader". Never in my life have I worried about having to be on guard as I go to a store, or travel our roads. But since 2019, I'm constantly watching. And that's not how any of us should be living.

I'm angry, and I'm tired of constantly seeing reports of homicides and violent crimes, of road rage shootings, of judges constantly letting out criminals on PR bonds. It angers me beyond belief to witness firsthand how far our city and county have fallen in just a few years.

I'm tired of the traffic that never gets better and the roads under constant repair, and of worrying if Lina and her friends are going to raise taxes or threaten a lockdown.

This burning desire to make this place the best that it can be is what drives me. To ensure everyone has the opportunity to succeed. To stand up and fight against everything that has gone wrong. And to hold everyone accountable that has contributed to the utter havoc that is being wreaked in our streets and neighborhoods.

I'm not perfect. I wont be the most eloquent speaker or politically correct. But I love Harris County and I know this area better than most, and together we can make it thrive, make it safe again, and make it grow.

From construction and manufacturing, to our refineries and the oil fields of west Texas, I've been there, hustling and sweating like you. I've poured so much into building a life here, to provide the best possible life for my son. You've done the same.

I will fight tooth and nail, relentlessly, day and night, not just to oust Hidalgo and every other failed elected official, but to make you proud of this city and county once again. If that's what you're looking for, then I guarantee I'm your guy.

Let's go win.